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~~ After the Fire: We Keep Going. It’s What We Do ~~

                   ~~ After the Fire: We Keep Going. It’s What We Do ~~


With your help, we can salvage and rejuvenate this historic entryway for years to come.



 Your support helps us raise the $5,000 needed for the stone mason contractor to deconstruct and remove the entryway from its current location. The entryway has told us it wants to keep going - let's not let it down! Show your support with these convenient options:


 > Give a tax-deductible contribution today. Click the 'Donate' button to the right to visit the Rockford Area Arts Council website,


 > Purchase a T-shirt with the original Rockford Cabinet Company logo! Created by the local T-shirt company Bygone Brand, you'll love wearing this shirt, or give it as a gift. The owners of Bygone Brand will donate all costs and proceeds of the shirts to this Rockford Redux project. (And give Bygone Brand a ‘Like’ today on their Page... you'll like all their too-cool-for-school T-shirts! Show your appreciation for their amazing generosity.)



 After removal from the fire-damaged site, the entryway will be placed into safe storage, and then reassembled at a permanent site. The location of its new home is in the process of being established, as the volunteer organizers are working hard on that. When the permanent site has been confirmed, we will then know how much support is needed for the reconstruction.


 >>>>>> The Most Urgent Action for Now: SAVE IT <<<<<<

We have approximately 30 days to salvage this piece of Rockford history. So please act today.


            Thank you!

  •  Matthew Gibbons
  •  Doug Cohen
  •  Pam Hein
  •  Michael Smith
  •  Bea Miller




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